Welcome to Tarantel's dhtml Magic World. In this site, I've tried to immitate how the spiders catch their prey on a web through a series of seven examples using the dhtml programming. However, the aim of this site is to introduce you a very preliminary knowledge of dhtml so that later you might have interest to learn dhtml with some more advanced tutorials. Therefore, I've attached a brief explanation of the relative dhtml theories to each example. After you see all of them, you'll have a direct impression of how dhtml really works in a web site. If you like you can go on to the Postscript where you'll find links to download the dhtml editors or find the on-line dhtml tutorials. Don't forget to visit the chat room, there you might meet people who are also interested in dhtml.

You have to use either IE4 or NN4, but I recommend IE4.

By: Tarantel
on: 11.07.2000